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Review: The Cheshire Magazine

A popular bolthole for some winter sun, this season The Lone Star in Barbados opens its doors and restaurant to non-residents. Liz Taylor – Millionaire Party Planner (www.tlc-ltd.co.uk) visits …

For more than 20 years, The Lone Star Boutique Hotel and Suites, Barbados, has been one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets.

The boutique property with six exclusive suites and an elegant Coral Stone Beach House, attracts guests looking for a discreet getaway and counts Simon Cowell and Rihanna among its regulars.

You don’t need to be staying or dining in the restaurant to visit the Star Bar; although we couldn’t resist also sampling the famous Lone Star food menu. Before we went, I imagined a star-spotter’s paradise, with paparazzi and autograph-hunters loitering outside. I should’ve known Barbados is much too laid back for that. This isn’t the kind of place you go to spot a star; it’s where you go to feel like one.

On entering Star Bar, we’re immediately treated like VIPs. Imagine a high-end cocktail bar with a relaxed Caribbean vibe, a beach setting and an ocean view. Its decor is in keeping with the hotel’s signature blue and white tones, with solid mahogany floors. There is a tempting cocktail menu and, much as I would’ve liked to sample them all, I also wanted to remember the experience.

the best bars in barbados lone star restaurant star bar

We opted for the island’s most famous rum cocktail: the Lone Star Sour (brown rum, lime, lemon liqueur and brown sugar). Everything is bespoke and our cocktails arrived with the rum in a cute, Lone-Star-engraved hipflask, to add as much or as little spirit as we like.

The adjacent Lone Star restaurant is also open to non-residents. Nicknamed the ‘Ivy of the Caribbean’, its exclusivity lies not only in its service, but also its location – a gorgeous beach, close to the water’s edge, with open views across the ocean. The food is an informal fusion of European and Caribbean. Seafood features highly and, as an appetiser, I recommend seared scallops, which come with a delicate pepper and almond puree and sharp, black olive tapenade. My dining companion enjoyed crispy coconut prawns which arrived with a tangy, mango chilli sauce.

lone Star Hotel Barbados view from the sea

For those in search of hearty fare, there are comfort dishes aplenty. My friend couldn’t resist the classic homemade shepherd’s pie, while I fully embraced the ocean surroundings, choosing mirin and soy-glazed local barracuda. It felt fitting and uber-indulgent to end our meal with a perfectly moist coconut-and-rum bread pudding, paired with rum-and-raisin ice-cream.

I could easily get used to this lifestyle. Retiring to the Star Bar to watch the sunset over the water, I am spoilt for choice between a chilled bottle of Champagne or one of their exclusive, bespoke cocktails. Simply being there felt like a celebration and, in a way, we were celebrating- the best of life! {Rooms from $475 per night}

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