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Four Romantic Places to Propose in Barbados

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Barbados is a haven for those couples who are hopelessly in love. There’s certainly something romantic in the island air. You only need to take a glimpse of the idyllic, sandy beaches and chances are you’ll spot a happy couple strolling along hand in hand. And year on year, the numbers of couples visiting Barbados, then leaving engaged to be married, continues to grow. With February being the month of love and a leap year in the equation, there may be more couples than usual looking to get engaged in Barbados. And so general manager at the Lone Star Hotel and Restaurant, Barbados, Kristin Boland, shares her top four romantic places to propose in Barbados.

‘If you’re planning a romantic escape to pop the question, Barbados is the perfect location,’ begins Kristin. ‘Palm-fringed beaches, winter sun, awe-inspiring sunsets and plenty of rum cocktails to sip as the sun goes down. It’s certain to be a trip filled with romance and there will be plenty of opportunities to propose in Barbados.’

Beach Proposals

A Secluded Beach Proposal

First on my list of the four romantic places to propose in Barbados is our perfect beach tranquillity. A tropical haven away from the ‘busyness’ of life. Barbados is encircled by spectacular beaches on all shores, yet, it remains quiet enough for lovers to steal away from everyone and everything.

Kristin’s top tip is to, ‘head east, where you’ll find the quietest beaches away from the more popular tourist and family hot spots. Those in search of total seclusion are likely to find it,’

On the west coast Gibbles beach is a tranquil hideaway from the hustle and bustle. Yet still within easy walking distance of the more well-known tourist spots.

Beach Proposals

A Beautiful Botanical Proposal

No matter where you’re staying on the island, Barbados has a host of horticultural attractions that make beautiful proposal backdrops. Be sure to take your camera as the pictures will be simply stunning as a keepsake of your special moment.

A must in my four romantic places to propose in Barbados is Richmond Plantation. Located on the western edge of the Scotland district is an enchanted forest filled with flowers. You’ll be hard pushed to find a more perfect setting for a romantic proposal than the Flower Forest botanical garden when it’s in full bloom. Find a quiet spot amidst the flora and fauna. Then ask for your partner’s hand in marriage and they’ll be sure to say yes.

Alternatively, Orchid World boasts a waterfall, coral grotto. Situated 810ft above the Barbados countryside where there a numerous vantage points to take in the view. Take your pick of the tranquil beauty spots along the meandering pathways set against a sea of orchids to pop the question.

sunset cruise barbados

A Sunset Catamaran Cruise Proposal

Barbados will give you your fair share of unforgettable experiences. From swimming with sea turtles to watching the sun set from the decks of a luxury catamaran. You can make memories that will last a lifetime. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic proposal setting than a moonlit cruise sipping champagne and taking in Barbados under the stars, in all its natural beauty.

Lone Star Restaurant

A Romantic Restaurant Proposal

Now, my collection of the four romantic places to propose in Barbados wouldn’t be complete without this special location! The Lone Star Hotel and Restaurant, Barbados has been the scene of many a romantic proposal over the years. Set directly on the beach, you can enjoy some of the island’s finest cuisine as the waves lap onto the shore just a few feet away. We’ll go out of our way to make sure your night is extra special. If you have any more creative ideas – musical accompaniments, hiding a ring in the dessert, writing a message in the sands in candlelight – we’ll be more than happy to help you achieve them.”

the best restaurants in barbados lonestar restaurant 4

Getting Married in Barbados

As well as being a renowned proposal destination, Barbados is also a popular place to tie the knot. Kristen explains, ‘There are so many awe-inspiring locations to get married in Barbados. You’ll find weddings here to be romantic, idyllic, peaceful, stress free and easy. Especially when you employ the services of an island-based wedding coordinator such as Malissa Blackman who is one of the island’s most well-respected wedding planners and the cofounder/editor of BrideLife Magazine, a place where couples can find everything they need to know about a destination wedding in Barbados. Find out more at We know how to make the best of your day and even better you won’t need to travel anywhere for your honeymoon as you’ll already be in paradise.

If you’re beginning to plan your Barbados wedding read our tips for getting married in Barbados here Discover how the Lone Star Hotel and Restaurant, Barbados makes a unique and exclusive wedding venue.

So, whether you’re soon to be engaged. Planning your wedding. Or embarking on your first adventure as a married couple. Head to Barbados and discover your very own ‘Love Island’.