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Why Barbados is the Perfect Winter Sun Destination

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With winter just around the corner, it may not be long before you’re craving some sunshine. Jetting off to a winter sun destination can do wonders for the body and mind. It offers a break from the cold weather and dark nights – but not all winter sun holidays are equal. Here’s why we think Barbados should be top of your list when it comes to finding the perfect winter sun destination:

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Barbados is sunny all year round

Firstly, and importantly, we have over 3000 hours of sunshine each year in Barbados, with average daily temperatures of 30 degrees. This makes it the ideal winter sun destination to top up those vitamin D levels. Another bonus is that, while hurricane season in the Caribbean falls between June and October, serious tropical storms are extremely rare in Barbados. 

Barbados is a fabulous eco holiday

If you’re not only looking for the perfect winter sun destination, but also for a holiday with eco credentials, Barbados is ideal. With eco tours readily available, it’s also possible to see the magnificent sea turtles that make their home on the beach just outside the hotel.  And the Lone Star supports the Barbados Sea Turtle Project to ensure these beautiful creatures continue to survive and thrive in their natural environment. Find out more about Barbados the Eco Island here.

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You can do as much or as little as you want in Barbados

If the furthest you want to go on your winter sun holiday is a lounger on the beach right outside your hotel room, then look no further than The Lone Star in Barbados. In the restaurant at our luxury boutique hotel, you can even dine right on the beach. But if you like your winter sun with a side of winter fun, then there’s a party vibe like no other in the island’s thriving bars and night clubs. Barbados wakes up when the sun goes down, so view a list of the top ten party spots in Barbados here.

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The food and the rum

Need we say more? There’s rum aplenty in our bars and rum shops and why not tour one of the island’s historic rum distilleries. But did you know that Barbados is often referred to as the culinary capital of the Caribbean? Visit in October and you’ll catch our annual Food and Rum Festival that sees chefs and mixologists convene for a three-day celebration of Bajan cuisine and the culinary arts.

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Barbados is an area of outstanding natural beauty

Not every winter sun destination has miles and miles of the purest white sandy beaches. a majestic rainforest or ancient crystallised limestone caverns to explore. And the underwater landscape leaves many visitors to Barbados equally awestruck. Spend a day snorkelling or diving in the island’s many reefs and you won’t be disappointed.